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Should You Hold Gold in an IRA?

The physical gold you store inside an IRA is a costly affair. There are brokerage costs along with account setup fees and storage and custodian fees to consider.

Customers with Roth accounts are subject to the minimum required distributions (RMD) at age 70 1/2, as with any retirement account.

Investing in Precious Metals

The precious metals market offers investors a myriad of benefits, such as diversification, stability over the long term, and protection from inflation. But investing in precious metals is not without risk, which makes investing not suitable for everyone.

Investors who are in compliance with IRS standard for purity are able to invest in gold, silver, palladium and platinum through a self-directed metals IRA. Mining stocks or precious metal ETFs may also provide options however, their investment tends to be volatile and provide less liquidity than physical precious metals IRAs.

For investing precious metals through either a classic or Roth IRA, you must utilize a trustworthy custodian who has expertise in IRAs with precious metals and collaborates with the IRS for compliance. Birch Gold Group provides an array of investment options and experts to assist you with creating the precious metals IRA. Additionally, they work with dependable depositories for safe storage of your precious metals assets.


The purchase of physical metals through an IRA typically comes with additional fees, including the account set-up fee, annual maintenance fees in addition to storage and insurance fees, seller markup charges and cash-out costs (for close). Based on the amount and the kind of gold purchased, these charges could quickly increase.

IRS rules limit which kinds of gold and silver bullion can be kept in an IRA account, which must then be kept at an accredited depository. Furthermore, gold gains are classified as collectibles by the IRS which means that the tax rate on them is increased by up to 28% than the normal rates for investment increasing profits even more and making metals less appealing as investment options compared to other. However, it is possible to save these tax burdens when you roll your gold into other assets like stocks or real estate or investing with ETFs or mutual funds could offer less advantages, while carrying some risk as well.


Investment of physical gold and silver in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) provides substantial tax benefits; however, several considerations must first be considered prior to making a decision on a purchase.

Custodial IRA providers buy precious metals on your behalf and then store them in an outside depository company that is specialized in safeguarding them. They are often charging transaction and account valuation charges as part of their services.

Certain investors choose to utilize coins that are minted by the government, like the Gold American Eagle in their retirement accounts to avoid custodial and storage charges, yet still benefit from the tax benefits of investing. But according to IRS guidelines regarding their purity guidelines these collectible coins do not meet investment eligibility. Particularly, South African Krugerrand coins with fineness of 995.5 produced by government mints would not qualify. It is therefore more suitable to choose authenticated coins, bars or roundlets made by private services for grading coins since they meet IRA requirements more precisely.

Allocated Storage

Gold bullion investors who prefer banks or precious metals depository for their storage facilities that they prefer are usually at considerable risk should their storage facility to become insolvent and banks are able to mishandle the valuables of yours when they're mixed with that of other customers or utilized to negotiate massive transactions with foreign dealers.

If you wish to reduce these risks, allocated storage is a great option. Your gold will be stored in vaults that are separate from the depository like Brinks or IDS; unlike unallocated storage which could see your gold bars in a mix with the ones belonging to other investors, allocated storage allows gold bars to be characterized by size/weight, refinery and serial numbers (e.g. 10 oz PAMP Swiss gold bar serial number 35427681).

Storage allocated to you comes with extra expenses, like an annual fee for storage and insurance However, these do not vary significantly from what's involved with any IRA account.